Ethereum price predictions are offered by crypto specialists from two perspectives: bull and bear. According to bullish analysts, Ether will reach $4,600 in 2022, while bearish researchers anticipate Ethereum will fall as low as $800 by the end of the year.

Ethereum’s Bull Case (ETH)

The adaptability of Ethereum has grown in recent years, and it now ranks first in terms of the number of developers and transaction volume growth. Because there are more DAPs built on the Ethereum platform, Ethereum’s popularity has grown, and its price has risen dramatically.

Every day, 527 cryptocurrency exchanges process billions of dollars in transaction volume. Neobanks like Revolut and established financial behemoths like PayPal operate independently of exchanges.

The most anticipated update by developers is Ethereum 2.0, which will switch the consensus process from proof of work to proof of stake. This will reduce the cost of mining while also increasing trust. The release of Ethereum 2.0 will almost certainly act as a stimulus for the price of Ethereum to rise.

The Ethereum blockchain currently processes 300 transactions per second. This improvement is expected to increase that number to 100,000.

The crypto fear and greed index is an important factor to consider when analysing the price. The market is currently in the “Extreme Fear” area, according to the indicator. As a result, demand is quite low, making it the greatest currency to acquire right now.

The Ethereum Bear Case (ETH)

The economic situation is one of the most pressing challenges. In the first half of 2022, almost all asset classes fell, indicating a risk-off market. As a result, fears of a “Crypto Winter” have surfaced. The volume of Ethereum transactions has slowed in recent months, presumably because of concerns about a slowdown in overall consumer spending.

Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum creator, has recently highlighted worries over frenzied NFT trading. NFTs are valued in Ethereum on many platforms, including OpenSea. As a result, if the NFT wave, which is strongly linked to crypto, falls, it may have severe effects on the Ethereum price due to a sell-off.


Despite Ethereum’s competitors and other factors contributing to its continuous instability, there is a widespread belief that the original smart contract blockchain will survive this period of testing.

“Ethereum controls over 90% of the NFT market,” Arslanian stated. “This is going to be a pivotal year for Ethereum, a make-or-break year in many ways.”

Zannos tells NextAdvisor that there are good reasons to expect a speedy recovery from Ethereum’s current dip. “What I think Ethereum has is the community momentum,” Zannos says, “that allows a collection of highly brilliant people to develop innovation and identify new prospects.” “At its core, my optimism stems from the breadth of what Ethereum may accomplish.”

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