Through the marketing collaboration with Nebu Hedge Fund, Givens Hall Technology LLP, Dubai presents ARC Exchange- The Next Gen Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Arc Exchange is the one-stop solution to buy and sell cryptocurrency with more advanced features like-

  • Competitive Pricing from other exchanges
  • Advance Charts representation with industry-standard technical indicators that help place trades more strategically.
  • Fast & Easy KYC process to take you onboard.
  • World-class Security features protect from any suspicious activity on your account &
  • Fast Transaction speed.

ARC Exchange offers to order books with top-tier liquidity, allowing users to easily exchange various coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, ADA, Litecoin, DOGE, Z cash, Tron,  NHF coins, ARC coins and many other digital assets with minimal slippage.`

What makes Arc Exchange so popular

Arc Exchange is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange in the world that has been awarded LP by a bank named Givens Hall Bank and trust limited, Cayman Island. Givens Halls Bank & Trust Limited – Cayman Island has been a professional liquidity provider and financial institution since 2014.

Let’s look at some global benchmark data that makes ARC exchange one of the promising projects for the future.

The cryptocurrency market is estimated at a 1.05 trillion dollar market currently.

There are approx. 12,000 cryptocurrency coins in the world and around 420 million active cryptocurrency traders are operating in the world.

But What makes ARC Exchange so unique?

There are more than 18 revenue channels, people can make. money through ARC Exchange few of the top revenue channels are –

  • Crypto Trading Commission
  • Exchange Trading Swapping
  • Exchange Coin Listing
  • Exchange Coin AirDrop
  • Exchange Coin Staking
  • Exchange Subscription
  • Promotion and rewards
  • Deposit and Withdrawal commission
  • Hedging profits
  • And many more

How to earn money through ARC Exchange

One can take any of the two ARC subscription plans either free or for 99 dollars. However, 99 Dollars per year plan will provide some robust features such as an affiliate bonus, trading bonus, twice the airdrop bonus, 100% subscription distribution, unlimited deposits and withdrawals and support on top priority.

ARC paid subscription plan opens 9 levels from bronze to blue diamond how ARC is distributing the subscription commission to people when someone refers another person to its paid subscription plan.

Another benefit is a direct trading bonus where you get up to a 100% trading fee bonus from your direct referrals.

You can also earn daily rewards through ARC staking platform. There are currently 10 world’s most traded coins where you can achieve reward daily by staking these coins. For example, If you stake BTC with a minimum amount of 1000 USDT, you will get 0.20% of 1000 USDT of BTC Daily. Likewise, if you stake an NHFC coin with a minimum staking of 100 USDT, you will be rewarded 0.50% of 100 USDT of NHFC daily.

Not only this you can also earn referral income if you refer someone in the staking programme with any of the mentioned currencies.

There are 15 different staking level bonuses where you receive bonuses based on respective daily staking reward amounts from 12% to 1% in a total of 74%

After the 15th level, you are eligible for ARC Staking pool business of 9% of the daily reward amount from staking amount to unlimited depth.

The maximum profit that can be achieved with ARC staking is up to 300% of the staking amount with all the affiliate incomes.

All the Staking amount will be returned within the span of 4 years through the arc destaking system.

15% of the amount will be destaked after completion of the first year. Similarly, 25% amount will be destaked by the end of the 2nd year, 25% and 40 % by the end of the 3rd and 4th year respectively.

ARC Exchange distribute these staking rewards twice on monthly basis.

ARC Hedge – One of the unique programme

Arc Exchange has launched One of the unique programmes,  ARC Hedge. That makes it the first and only exchange in the world which has been provided LP by the renowned international bank- Givens Halls Bank & Trust Limited – Cayman Island. This makes the ARC Hedge program more secure by mitigating capital risk and creating trust among investors.

With a minimum hedging investment of 25,000 USDT, you can earn a monthly and annual return on investment.

  • For 3 years of hedging, you will get 1.10% monthly and 2.25% return per month if you choose to withdraw annually.
  • Likewise, for 4 years of hedging, you will get 1.30% monthly and 2.5% return per month if withdrawing annually.
  • After 5 years of hedging, you will get 1.40% monthly and 2.6% return per month if you choose to withdraw annually.
  • 6 years of hedging you will get 1.50% monthly and 2.77% return per month if withdraw annually.

Moreover, if anyone refers someone to the ARC Hedging program, they will receive a direct referral bonus maximum of up to 25% based on hedging tenure.